Advanced Vis Comm II-Project 01 Process


Scott Waraniak & Steve Panicara

Initial Research

This .pdf shows our initial research in activism and chance based artists. We looked heavily into the Surrealists, Dadaism, and the Letterists.

presentation 01


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Environment Studies

This .pdf shows all the various environments we researched and considered basing our project around.

locations embedded

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Type Studies

We based all these type studies off chance based processes. Each one relates back to our initial research on different activists and chance based designers, or back to the environment that we chose to focus on, which was driving.

presentation 03

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Photo Documentation

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Creation & Implementation

For the final project, we constructed a 45x45x45″ cube out of particle board and masonite. It was hand-painted, then constructed at the presentation site. We suspended the cube from the ceiling in a crude manner, with white rope reaching in all directions.

We then screen printed four chosen phrases onto close to 150 advertisements cut out of tabloids and magazines. The phrases were meant to have double meaning, invoking an awareness of the commercial practices of the viewer. By randomly mixing colors and dripping paint onto the screens, we achieved different aesthetic looks that were the result of chance.

To add to the immersive experience, we plastered the inside of the cube with our screen printed ads. The result was a bombardment of messages and orders coming at the viewer from every direction.

A chair was secured in place underneath the cube, forcing the viewer to look in a fixed direction. The chair mimicked the tv-watching/movie-going experience, but also the driving experience on which this project was based.

Above and behind the head of the viewer was a secure spot for the projector and speakers.

The finishing component of the project was the viewer experience. They took a seat inside of the cube, and the final motion piece was projected directly in front of them.

Reactions to the installation were exactly what we intended; people felt completely battered by messages. Although it is completely subjective, the message of the piece was one of criticism on our contemporary capitalist culture, and also of celebration. We simply wanted to bring awareness to the individuals involvement in this supply and demand society, and hopefully raise some questions about the origins and motives behind the messages that we receive on a daily basis.

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